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Workshop setting with large windows and sunlight streaming in, while a small group sits in a circle around a flipchart easel.
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independent consulting for an interdependent world

I support clients through open and inclusive collaboration. Working with leaders and teams at foundations, nonprofits, coalitions, civil society groups, movements, and more, I design bespoke processes to advance your work. This can take many forms, but usually involves the following:


Clarify your mission, interrogate your theory of change, and set course. More than a document, strategy is an ongoing practice of learning and adaptation.

Strategy processes can include stakeholder engagement, research, facilitation, planning, organizational development, and change management.


Design and cultivate spaces for collaboration. Facilitation is an exercise in community building and shared storytelling to deepen the work of a team or network.


Facilitation provides vital support for retreats, learning networks, multi-partner planning, ongoing collaborations as well as one-off sessions, strategy, and more.

Clients &

I collaborate with a range of organizations working to change systems and build a more just and democratic world. Here are a few of them.

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What They're

"Smart, thoughtful, committed, and a pleasure to work with."

"His skills go beyond facilitation. He is a thought partner, coach, and guide."

"Definitely the best facilitator we've had for a retreat: he seemed to get us."

"Dave's greatest strength lies in his ability to lead challenging groups to find their own solutions. He does this with humility, humor and authenticity."

"He quickly earned the trust of a tricky group and was deftly able to lead the group to make decisions about strategy—something the group had great difficulty doing before Dave came along."

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