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Writing & More

Most of my consulting doesn't show up publicly. You can only find it in internal strategy documents or external reports with an organization's name, but no author.

When I can, I share what I'm learning through writing, speaking, and more. I aim to connect ideas from across the social change sectors. Here's where to find some of that work.

1 | Key Reads on Strategy and Change

2 | More Writing

I've written over 300 blog posts on social change strategy, management, global development, and more since 2010. First it was Blogger, then I moved to Wordpress, and now you can find me in the following places:

The Medium blog tends to be longer analysis with a longer shelf-life, while the Substack newsletter is more timely commentary and links. I keep cross-posting to a minimum.

3 | Podcasts and Video

Recent podcasts

Strategy videos

In late 2022, I started experimenting with short video production. The result was a series of strategy shorts, including:

The full series is available on Vimeo.

4 | Other Social Media

Where else? Find me occasionally posting on the following social media.

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